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Terms and Conditions of Use

Black Rock LLC dba 

Black Rock Design 

All users of this site as well as our products and services are subject to our Terms and Conditions.  We strongly recommend reviewing these Terms and Conditions, as well as our updated Privacy Policy.  If the User does not agree to these Terms and Conditions, they are asked to not use the site or products.  Any questions should be directed to

Black Rock LLC Rights

Black Rock LLC and any related company controls all rights to this website and everything included in this site, apart from what is a product of separately controlled third parties.  This includes but is not limited to all text, images, logos, and intellectual property of Black Rock LLC.  Permission to use our properties must be granted by LLC ownership specifically.


All products and services as well as the site

are all "as-is" with no additional warranty included,

express or implied.

To the fullest extent permissible pursuant

to applicable law, Black Rock LLC does not guarantee

fitness for use of products and services,

nor of use of the site.  

Black Rock LLC does not further warrant

provided or offered products and services,

nor the the site, or guarantee functionality, accuracy, timeliness or reliability, correctness or otherwise,

nor promise correction on these events.

Custom-made products or designs are non-refundable at point of sale.  Any assistance by this company is at sole discretion from LLC ownership.

Our site is not promised or warranted to be

readily available or free from viruses, error-free,

or contain other harmful elements.

Our third party partners have separate

Terms and Conditions that, through the use of

their products and services, sold through us,

the User should familiarize themselves with

third party Terms and Conditions of product.

For Users who live in states who do not allow these exclusions and terms, they do not apply.

Limitation of Liability

Through use or misuse, advised or otherwise, Black Rock LLC shall not be held liable in the case of damages accidental or special, nor responsible for results of use.  If state law prohibits, this does not apply.

Errors within Site

In the event the site contains typographical errors,

up to and including price,

Black Rock LLC reserves the right to correct this 

information at will.  If an order is placed based

off incorrect information or pricing, Black Rock LLC

will refund and cancel the order.

If a credit card has been used and charged, 

the same credit card will be credited the

incorrect price that was listed.

Black Rock LLC does not promise further


Termination of Terms and Conditions

Users are subject to these Terms and Conditions

as a result of using the website or

ordering or interacting with products and

services provided by any entity of Black Rock LLC.

The Terms and Conditions made available by Black Rock LLC

are subject to change at any time, for any reason,

without further notice.  Additionally, all rights reserved

by Black Rock LLC remain reserved and

held for our purposes.

Misc. Items

In the case of legal events between parties, 

actions or claims against Black Rock LLC are limited to one (1) year within individual use direct or otherwise with provided site, service or product.

Users agree that all legal action shall be based on federal and Wisconsin state law where allowed and applicable,

and all proceedings resulting shall be held in 

Wisconsin state and federal courts.

Users agree 1980 United Nations Convention on Contracts for the International Sale of Goods does not apply for use of our site, products and services.

Proper Use of Site

Neither harassment nor inappropriate behavior towards a Black Rock employee or others affiliated with us will be tolerated. 

Our images, logos, and other related material, 

and the site are not to be used or copied without written consent and shall not be used for obscene, libelous or otherwise defamatory content.  If permission is

granted by Black Rock LLC, this permission

can be rescinded at any time.

Impersonation of a Black Rock LLC

employee, representative, or affiliate/third party

is prohibited. Failure to abide by these

terms and conditions may result

in Black Rock discontinuing products, services or

the site for offending users.

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